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    Working principle of defrosting system

    Read:    Publisher:Weifang Higher Machinery Co., Ltd    Release time:[2019-12-13]

    Low temperature and high humidity refrigeration and defrosting system is a practical and efficient defrosting device. Its principle is to use low temperature and high humidity steam to form uniform air distribution on the surface of the thawed food with air. By controlling the thawing temperature and humidity in different stages, the food cell tissue can absorb and maintain its original nutrients, so as to achieve the purpose of food preservation while thawing evenly. The steam pipe directly enters the defrosting room, which is distributed under the air supply pipe and ejected from the very small hole. During the defrosting process, the air is supplied by the cold fan and absorbed by the air blower to ensure the gas circulation flow in the defrosting room. The air supply pipe is sent out by the plastic cone-shaped pipe on both sides of the top of the defrosting room to ensure the pressure of the air supply. At the same time, the air supply wind drives the steam to become the fog circulation flow. The return air pipe is in the middle of the defrosting room, and the return air port is equipped with an adjustable plastic air valve to ensure the uniform pressure of the return air, that is, the air supply and suction of the cold fan drive the hot steam to circulate in the defrosting room, so as to achieve the defrosting of frozen meat. In the process of defrosting, the exhaust fan changes the air twice to ensure the fresh air and defrost once in the room, so as to ensure the smooth pipeline of the equipment. After the defrosting, the refrigeration equipment and the cooling fan work at the same time according to the set temperature to store and preserve the meat.QlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    System features:QlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    Improve product flavor and reduce defrosting lossQlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    Under the condition of heat preservation, the microbial propagation of raw meat can be well controlled; under the high humidity environment and the unique gradient thawing procedure, the thawing loss can be guaranteed to be less than 2%, which is more than 2 percentage points lower than that of the conventional air thawing and who thaws, which is the biggest highlight of the thawing system.QlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    Rigorous procedures, applicable to all kinds of meat and aquatic productsQlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    Advanced touch screen and PLC control system plus rigorous programming, to ensure the understanding of the safety of frozen raw materials; time. Operating parameters such as humidity, surface and center temperature can be recorded and stored for a long time, which is conducive to product quality traceability and supervision.QlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    High defrosting qualityQlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    In the process of thawing, the difference between the center temperature and the surface temperature of the frozen product is in the minimum range, which means that the frozen product is thawed uniformly from inside to outside. The water dripping phenomenon in the process of food thawing is eliminated. The weight loss rate of food after thawing can be controlled within 1.5%. There is no significant difference between the freshness of food surface color and the freshness of food before quick freezing, so that the unfrozen products basically keep the freshness before quick freezing.QlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    Simple operation and strong practicabilityQlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    Low temperature and high humidity air defroster adopts full automatic control. The thawing time and temperature can be adjusted according to different requirements of frozen products. After thawing, it will automatically change to the state of cold storage and fresh food can be taken out at any time. It has incomparable advantages with other thawing methods and is widely used for thawing meat, aquatic products and other frozen food.QlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    Unique defrosting methodQlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    By using high-efficiency humidification system, the high humidity of air can reach more than 90% in the low temperature environment, forming the low temperature and high humidity air distribution in the defrosting warehouse, and using the temperature defrosting in stages, on the premise of ensuring the quality of defrosted products, shortening the defrosting time. According to the standard food hygiene requirements, the storehouse is equipped with a sterilization device, which can completely remove the bacteria in the air and on the food surface, eliminate the mutual contamination of food caused by the "water washing and thawing" and "natural thawing", and meet the requirements of food hygiene.QlQ肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司


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