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    Defrosting system

    Product description



    Having carried on thousands of testing and experiments, we successfully developed a innovative automatic thawing system, featured with constant temperature and humidity. Using low pressure steam, supplemented with horizontal and vertical cycle, the cooling system is able to control the temperature. On top of that, Environmentally friendly heat pump, a patent technology, has been adopted to provide heat but also cold source, which completely eliminate the annoying issues of the high cost, protein juice loss, cross-contamination and other issues of other thawing methods. Not only the meat thaw almost no loss, and meat quality has been guaranteed. GJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    Equipment features and advantagesGJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    1.recipe storageGJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    2.energy saving,GJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    3.uniform wind, no dead corner (product thawing uniform), no short circuitGJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    4.completely open, Health without dead endsGJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    5.automatic cleaning systemGJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    6.air volume adjustable and controllableGJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    7.remote monitoring. Real-time monitoring of field operation status, mitigation data can be recorded,GJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    stored, printed. GJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    8.the host computer management (statistical report storage, printing)GJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    9.sewage disposal is "0"GJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    10.constant temperature and humidity (controllable and adjustable)GJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司

    11.different sizes of products can be thawed at the same time, excellent qualityGJd肉類解凍設備|食品切塊機|不銹鋼地漏溝槽-濰坊匯和機械工程有限公司



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